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Name: Water.Life.23of26.XviD.AC3
Added: 2011-05-01 14:38:49 Advertisement
Group: MVGroup
Category: Docus
Seeds: 2
Leeches: 4
Finished: 3506
Uploader: artistharry
Downloaded: 0
Viewed: 0
Announce URL: http://www.mvgroup.org:2710/announce
Hash: d7fda357622703665840d363c0aba9f0454cc676
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File Size: 372.55 MB
Piece Size: 512.00 KB
Details: Water Life Nature Documentary hosted by Jean Antonio, published by CIN TV in 2010 - English narration http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3061/waterlifecoverj.jpg Information ------------------------------ Water Life Through spectacular photography and featuring an award winning soundtrack, Water Life captures extraordinary locations and intimate animal behaviour never before seen on film. Two years in the making, this groundbreaking series takes viewers on an unprecedented visual journey to aquatic ecosystems on five continents to reveal how water shapes and sculpts the landscape and provides food and refuge for an astonishing array of species. From the biggest whales to the most insignificant mosquitoes, every living being depends on the water and is linked to this liquid in a special way for their survival. But, water is not just there for animal species, it also makes possible vast landscapes such as caverns, sea beds, glaciers and valleys. Each chapter of Water life explores a different ecosystem as we discover the characteristics of water that make life possible on the planet, and the different ways that the animals and plants have adapted to this environment. Follow the water in all of its manifestations, discovering the things that make it so fundamental to life, and uncover a fascinating and gripping world. From the fountains near our houses to the vast sea depths or the fast flowing rivers, it is close to the water that we find the most wild and diverse nature. Thanks to this incredible documentary series, we will learn some of the secrets that make water the real pool of life. If you enjoyed the BBC's
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High Speed Download: “Water.Life.23of26.XviD.AC3”

jvt40 Posted at: 2011-05-01 15:06:48
Great job Harry65 and JumpinS !!!
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