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Torrent Details
Name: BBC-HD - Horizon_ The Truth About Exercise x264 AC3 720p.mkv
Added: 2012-02-29 03:15:59 Advertisement
Group: Verified
Category: TV
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Uploader: Pharos2001
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Announce URL: http://inferno.demonoid.me:3403/announce
Hash: 8200923bf26a0e9b420b3e4558e67e9307213327
File Info:

BBC-HD - Horizon_ The Truth About Exercise x264 AC3 720p.mkv

File Size: 1.46 GB
Piece Size: 2.00 MB
Details: 58:29

Like many, Michael Mosley want to get fitter and healthier but can't face hours on the treadmill or trips to the gym. Help may be at hand.

He uncovers the surprising new research which suggests many of us could benefit from just three minutes of high intensity exercise a week.

He discovers the hidden power of simple activities like walking and fidgeting, and finds out why some of us don't respond to exercise at all

Using himself as a guinea pig, Michael uncovers the surprising new research about exercise, that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives.

Source: BBC-HD

A/R (WxH): 1:1.78 (1280*720)
VCodec: x264 2 pass from AVC (1/3 DVD)
ACodec: AC3 2ch 192Kbps

HD downsized/resized: 1440*1080 to 1280*720

Flawless encoding

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Fakeskanr: FS
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High Speed Download: “BBC-HD - Horizon_ The Truth About Exercise x264 AC3 720p.mkv”

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